Niche 咖啡研磨机Zero NG63 WPM Niche Coffee Grinder

Niche 咖啡研磨机Zero NG63 WPM Niche Coffee Grinder



WPM惠家niche zero 电动磨豆机意式手冲咖啡兼用(文老师咖啡服务) 原创: 文咖啡 文老师咖啡 今天 WPM惠家niche zero 电动磨豆机意式手冲咖啡兼用(文老师咖啡服务) WPM惠家niche zero 电动磨豆机意式手冲咖啡兼用(文老师咖啡服务) The Niche Zero grinder. All images courtesy of Niche. A new grinder of British design is making its way toward the market, promising to bring numerous professional-level features to the consumer class. The Niche Zero Coffee Grinder will be built around hardened steel conical burrs that are 63 millimeters in diameter, which is considerably larger than the average consumer grinder burr. Its stepless adjustment mechanism is also uncommon to home grinders, and its low rotation speed of 330 RPM purportedly delivers cool grinds at a noise level five times quieter than competing consumer-class grinders, according to its designer. The Niche’s exterior shell is a sturdy cast aluminum, which at launch will come only in white, offset warmly by accents of reclaimed oak. WPM惠家niche zero 电动磨豆机意式手冲咖啡兼用(文老师咖啡服务) Niche 咖啡研磨机Zero NG63 WPM Niche Coffee Grinder A shiny polished aluminum single-dose hopper allows beans to slip expediently down into the burrs where, as part of its name implies, the machine aims to cycle through the grind with zero retention, leaving nary a particle behind. According to the company, its minimal retention is achieved by the grinder’s vertical grind path and a rotating sweeping mechanism beneath the inner cone burr, ushering grinds down the chute. 文老师介绍惠家niche zero还有wpm niche zero磨豆机的niche zero评测资料信息 Niche Zero Coffee Grinder 家用磨豆机 来自英国的一款新型家用磨豆机,据说可以让家用磨豆机效果攀上又一个高度。 Niche Zero Coffee Grinder拥有63毫米直径的锥形磨盘,比市面上普遍的家用磨盘都要大。 同时还拥有普通家用机不具备的无级调刻度装置,低转速330RPM,能够比同类产品以更低的噪音,产生更少的热量。 机身是白色的不锈钢外观镶嵌温暖的橡木材料。初始售价643美元。


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